History of Chipperfield Theatre Group

Somewhere in the dark distant past of 1993, when John Major was Prime Minister, Whitney Houston had the No. 1 of the year and Lady Di was the nation's sweetheart ........... a group of creative, motivated and totally crazy individuals had an idea – to put on a pantomime in the village of Chipperfield.

Under the name of the Chipperfield Theatre Group, they advertised, auditioned, gently persuaded volunteers and encouraged a vast range of adults and kids to get involved in the 'one off' production of Aladdin.

Since then we have been bringing quality live entertainment to Chipperfield and the surrounding areas with quite a few of those people involved in that first production still active within the group today, a little older and more wrinkly, but none the wiser!

Following our first production of Aladdin which was part of St Paul's PTA fundraising for the school extension, the group were approached by Chipperfield Village Hall to ask if they would put on a production to help raise funds – by now the bug had well and truly bitten and the next production was born.

Today we entertain audiences with our annual pantomime and 'something different' every June, from comedy, to thrillers, cabaret to classic drama.

Our members range from 7 to 70 years old, and whether they want to perform, work backstage, paint sets, play with the lights or run the bar we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone!

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