Set painting begins

At this time of year the CTG shed springs to life as the set painting begins in earnest for the pantomime. Most Sundays there is something going on so come pay us a visit and get bristling with creativity.

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Taking Shape(s)

17th November

Click here to see the latest pictures of Dick in rehearsal


Spotted Dick Reporting

20th October

It's all there – frolicking, double-entendres, cod Welsh accents - or were they Dutch?

Belly1Fitz1 Group1

Early days and scripts in hands but it's already clear that Dick's going to be appropriately rude and very funny. The script is witty and moves a pace; the actors responding to it with energy and an obvious sense of fun. And despite her protestations, the Director's clearly enjoying it too.

So good to see some good old fashioned blocking! (behave)

Dick sets sail

Rehearsals for Dick are underway with the adults getting to grips with entrances, exits, learning lines, developing characters and learning dance moves!

As usual it is chaos and mayhem and the director is wondering why on earth she puts herself through all of this!

The children have started to learn their dance routines and the 20 strong band of youngsters are step ball changing and smiling with great energy and enthusiasm.


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